MP3 « You are so beautiful »by Lunasam, featuring Sabrina


MP3 « You Really Are Beautiful » by Lunasam featuring Sabrina here

New song winter 2020

« Risky Whiskey » de Lunasam avec Daniel Pelletier

Nouvelle chanson mp3 « Risky Whiskey » sur Soundcloud ici

Risky Whiskey : voix et tous les instruments par Robert, sauf saxophones par Daniel Pelletier. Roadie, coach et mix: Bertrand. Enregistré à Cacuna au Chalet De La Paix et Du Bon Vin avec post-production à Québec dans le Studio des Terrasses Lafayette.

Lunasam « Risky Whiskey »

Risky Whiskey

If it makes you misty…

There’s no mystery,

To me, she’s ancient history.

Huffing clown, puffing clown,

Blow his ugly house down.

Homeless downtown Motown…

In a green hospital gown!

Purge the surge of courage,

Running, he’s on the verge,

the urge to diverge.

Resist the urge to merge

With the dirge!

Upwards, the dirigible…

Onwards I urge.

Nowhere bound,

Nearly drowned.

Rebound around:

Leper colony leprechaun.

Ragdoll crime,

Anytime and no time…

Any dime on the dime,

Anytime ragdoll time.

Cash in, drop out, hit the zone.

Think hard, eat a sandwich, buy a home.

Robert, photo: Ollie








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« Mauseleum » de Lunasam

Maintenant sur Soundcloud, la chanson « Mauseleum » de Lunasam.

Mauseleum by Lunasam (

No worries
Nothing needs to get done
Take it lying down
In my mauseleum

Lights yonder
From the tunnel are gone
Visit me in thought
In my mauseleum

Nobody’s grave but mine
Mine’s the grayest tomb
It’s got everything real fine
Better than the womb

Sacred blessings
Overstayed their welcome
Dashingly debonnaire
In my mauseleum

The war is over
And your mommy is gone
Fingernails getting long
In my mauseleum

Nobody’s grave but mine
Mine’s the grayest tomb
It’s got everything real fine
Better than the womb

Over my dead body
You’ll never get me alive
In my mauseleum, in my mauseleum
In my mauseleum, in my mauseleum

My mauseleum is bigger than yours

It’s a megalith
With a twist
Amidst a necropolis
I stripped my needs
Down to the bone

And I’m all alone but fine
And I’ve got all of my time


Nouvelle chanson de Lunasam: « Get Up In the Morning, Overthrow Everything »

Nouvelle chanson de Lunasam « Get Up In the Morning, Overthrow Everything » ici sur Soundcloud.

Robert, lead singer of Lunasam (

Lunasam « Get Up In the Morning, Overthrow Everything »

Get up in the morning, overthrow everything
Costumed clown a diggin’
Upper level stone building
Potato bag a-hangin’
Hangin’ at the mall
Good night to you all
Muddle struggle
In a friggin’ puddle
Better play ball
Baltimore Nepal
Taj Mahal Mall
Katmandu Nebraska
Vishnu were here in Alaska
Alaska, Alaska
I’ll aks the the questions I’ll ask ya
No slave Namasta
No money amassed-a
Tied to the sailing mast
You a lizard bastard.

Nouvelle chanson de Lunasam: « All Said and Done »

Nouvelle chanson de Lunasam: « All Said and Done » sur notre nouveau compte Soundcloud.

Avec notre invité préféré Daniel Pelletier qui joue de la guitare resonator/sitare, des bongos et du sax (!)

All Said and Done (Lunasam & Daniel Pelletier)

And the sky fell…

And the penny dropped…

And the fat lady sang…

Fini, kaput, done.

The end is past nigh…

And the boat sailed…

The boat sunk…

Past cooked, overdone.

No more tomorrows, no more todays…

All said and done.

That was it, that was all…

Irretrievably gone.

Out to lunch forever!

Last leaf turned…

Final rites performed…

Casket sealed…

Store out of business.


Nouvelle chanson de Lunasam / New song by Lunasam: « The Mansion »

Écouter la nouvelle chanson « The Mansion » de Lunasam

(dedicated with love and appreciation to Bruce Joyner)

In the mansion nobody mentions

In dimensions hitherto unfantomed

Where man shuns man

There is a great unknown collection

Terrible things happen there

That nobody knows about

Because it’s not spoken of

No one has written of this

Terrible abuse, who stands accused ?

No one

Does a Dracula Jesus live there?

Surely there if anywhere

But how could I know

Sitting here in my chair

Over the hill

Over the edge of the hedge

Drawbridge up

Over the moat

Walk the tightrope

A circle of hooded figures

Paroxysmal grimaces

Not a smile but a rictus

Hissing horrors conjured

Madness chaos conjoined

Is this the smoke of my imagination

Or is it real ?