Nouvelle chanson de Lunasam / New song by Lunasam: « The Mansion »

Écouter la nouvelle chanson « The Mansion » de Lunasam

(dedicated with love and appreciation to Bruce Joyner)

In the mansion nobody mentions

In dimensions hitherto unfantomed

Where man shuns man

There is a great unknown collection

Terrible things happen there

That nobody knows about

Because it’s not spoken of

No one has written of this

Terrible abuse, who stands accused ?

No one

Does a Dracula Jesus live there?

Surely there if anywhere

But how could I know

Sitting here in my chair

Over the hill

Over the edge of the hedge

Drawbridge up

Over the moat

Walk the tightrope

A circle of hooded figures

Paroxysmal grimaces

Not a smile but a rictus

Hissing horrors conjured

Madness chaos conjoined

Is this the smoke of my imagination

Or is it real ?