New song by Lunasam: “The Mansion”

Listen to “The Mansion” by Lunasam

(dedicated with love and appreciation to Bruce Joyner)

In the mansion nobody mentions

In dimensions hitherto unfantomed

Where man shuns man

There is a great unknown collection

Terrible things happen there

That nobody knows about

Because it’s not spoken of

No one has written of this

Terrible abuse, who stands accused ?

No one

Does a Dracula Jesus live there?

Surely there if anywhere

But how could I know

Sitting here in my chair

Over the hill

Over the edge of the hedge

Drawbridge up

Over the moat

Walk the tightrope

A circle of hooded figures

Paroxysmal grimaces

Not a smile but a rictus

Hissing horrors conjured

Madness chaos conjoined

Is this the smoke of my imagination

Or is it real ?