“Risky Whiskey” by Lunasam with Daniel Pelletier

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Risky Whiskey : all instruments and vocals by Robert, except saxophones by Daniel Pelletier. Roadie, coach and cocktail mix: Bertrand. Recorded at Dan’s in Cacuna and at Bob’s in Quebec City.

Lunasam “Risky Whiskey”

Risky Whiskey

If it makes you misty…

There’s no mystery,

To me, she’s ancient history.

Huffing clown, puffing clown,

Blow his ugly house down.

Homeless downtown Motown…

In a green hospital gown!

Purge the surge of courage,

Running, he’s on the verge,

the urge to diverge.

Resist the urge to merge

With the dirge!

Upwards, the dirigible…

Onwards I urge.

Nowhere bound,

Nearly drowned.

Rebound around:

Leper colony leprechaun.

Ragdoll crime,

Anytime and no time…

Any dime on the dime,

Anytime ragdoll time.

Cash in, drop out, hit the zone.

Think hard, eat a sandwich, buy a home.

Robert, photo: Ollie