Copyright and Linking Policy

If you would like to use any of our content, please make sure to adhere to the following rules.

These are the rules for using our content.

Link Policy
You may link to our music or content from a personal, organization, or commercial website, as long as you use normal links (i.e. “a href=”).

You may not:

Modify the contents of the linked pages in any way without permission.

Link to individual images, animations or videos (for example, or even directly to an image, animation, or video). You may, however, link to a post that contains the image, animation, or video.
Give the impression that or any of its services or content is part of your website.
Give the impression that our content is part of your website.

Offline Media

Please feel free to mention our website or one of our services in a newspaper, magazine, television, or radio program. We recommend that you use the permanent address of our website. Here are some examples of the URLs you can use:

If you mention in your publication, please let us know via our contact form or by email:

Using or Embedding Our Data

You may not publish any of our data on your website or other media without our permission.

You may quote a limited amount of content from for personal or educational use, but please make sure to ask us first. Permission depends on the kind of medium and the extent and frequency of the data usage. For other commercial purposes, we may be able to help you, so get in touch.

If you use any of our content, you must credit us as the source. If the information is published online, a link to is required.

It is not permitted to use extraction tools or tools to download parts of this website or the entire website or to store pages permanently.

API and Data Download
If you wish to use our data on a regular basis, especially for commercial purposes, please use our API Services. If you are not a programmer, you can use our Data Download Facility to download our data.

Using Our Images
Most of the photos displayed on our website are stock images for which we do not own the copyright. Please do not use them without buying the rights from the source which is displayed below each image.

We own the copyright to our maps and illustrations; please do not use these without expressed permission, and they should be linked or referenced as mentioned above.

Citation Guide: Referencing Our Content
To reference content from our website in your bibliography, please use the format for online sources prescribed by the referencing style you are using.

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Exceptions and External Copyrights/Trademarks
Images and links provided by advertisers are generally copyrighted by the advertisers.