Lunasam and the chanteuses

We’ve been collborating with some fabulous female vocalists!

Catch our songs “First Things First”, “I Do, I Remember You”, Sometimes” and “Romance!” with Toronto singer CarryTune at

Our new darling is the wonderfully unpredictable Berlin artist Sue (Angel In Trouble). We’re working on more new new material with her. Catch our songs “Mann-O-Mann”, “Angel Space Rock” and “Don’t You Try To” at

You can also catch Sue’s previous recordings at

We’re currently mixing two new songs with Belgian slam poet Ysul. You can hear our first three songs, “Course folle”, “La plage”, and “Anémone” on

Catch more music by Ysul at

Ysul’s official Twitter feed is at

Then, there’s, a one-off collaboration with Puerto Rican artist Katiria, a reworked version of “La tentación”. Catch it here:

Last, but not least, American singer Kimberly Noble, now based in Germany. We’ve recorded 9 songs with Kim, heading for a CD release. You can hear “Talk To Me”, “Spend The Money”, “Going Out” and “Outside” at

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